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Wayne Rock

Wayne Rock

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 Please call or text me at 631-276-3027 to discuss your concerns.

Most of my cases are with students on the Spectrum at BOCES (Long Island/Westchester/Rockland) or D75 in NYC.  Most of my cases involves home services:  SEIT, SETSS, BIS and ABA which is paid for by your school district or the DOE.  Your child may be entitled to receive these services after school at no cost.


Autism Speaks Walk
I’m going to be at the Autism Walk which Autism Speaks is sponsoring.  Autism Speaks was extremely kind and offered me a table to support autism parents with any concerns at school or home.


Sunday, October 3, 2021


South Street Seaport – Pier 17
89 South Street
New York, NY 10038


9am – Event Site/Check In Opens
10:15am – Opening Ceremonies/Mission Moment
10:30am – Rolling Walk Start

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7 thoughts on “Special Education Advocate – Autism

  1. dennis koutoufas says:

    Dennis Koutoufas
    I was fortunate enough to meet and get Wayne Rock for an advocate 3 years ago. My daughter’s case is complex with ODD,OCD, ADHD and this leads to anxiety but the school and the CSE didn’t care. Mr. Rock met my daughter and noticed something beyond, Autism. The School Administrators, Psychologists , CSE had viewed my daughter as a nuisance and didn’t even do proper evaluations. We were spinning are wheels going nowhere, that’s when I procured Wayne Rock.
    Wayne really cared, he immersed himself in the case and forced the district to pay for & give us the funds to do an independent Nuero- Psych which showed Autism too, which explained her behavior.
    He came with us to 5 arduous meetings with the school & countless
    impartial hearings. The District was refusing to provide SETS but Wayne never gave up, he was relentless, determined, unwavering and a pit bull and he never stopped fighting for our daughter for 3 years and we won and got SETS for her.
    With Wayne’s resilient and fearless knowledge in the entire process we won the case and obtained SETS for my daughter and we are truly appreciative. He is worth every penny & more, no attorney could of cared or done more than he did and that’s the God honest truth.

  2. Christie says:

    Once again Mr. Wayne Rock has done it again!!! For the past 3 years he has advocated for my son who is Autistic. Not only is my son getting services at home, but he was also able to get the district to place him in a private school at no cost to me. Mr. Wayne Rock is very knowledgeable in special education. If you want someone who truly cares and will advocate for your family Wayne Rock is the person to call.

  3. phossein says:

    We contacted Wayne Rock when we realized we needed an Advocate to fight for our child’s needs. He has gone above and beyond what we expected of him. He truly cares for all children and especially for the ones in need of extra services (PT, OT, Speech). Mr. Rock is an educated professional and well respected by his peers.

    He is expertly versed with the complicated process of dealing with CPSE/CSE related issues. He took the time to thoroughly investigate our child’s needs and explain in detail all possible outcomes that might have occurred through out our case. Most recently he helped us navigate through the complex process and “politics” of our daughters Impartial Hearing to secure services that she was entitled to. We were lucky to find him and secure his services. Now our daughter will be benefitting from services Mr. Rock has helped us obtain. Thank you Mr. Rock for everything you have done.

  4. FP says:

    I contacted Wayne when I was having a difficult time communicating with my School District. It had come to the point where meetings had become very one-sided. I felt that as a parent, I had the most to contribute to any meeting – but I was being ignored and being steam rolled into just listening what the board was going to do. Wayne’s reputation preceeds him and we started making a lot of headway into my child’s needs. He has been very supportive on this journey and I cant thank him enough. He’s not just a parent advocate – he’s also a parent. He’s on our side!

  5. Bethany Stratton says:

    Wayne Rock was a God send for my son and I. He truly is passionate and caring. My son is a bright, personable, and charismatic little boy. In during 2014 – 2016 he attended an amazing special education school in Middle Village. After a move to a different district we encountered our first problems with the DOE. Because the school was so good he continued to attend Positive Beginnings in Middle Village but the long bus rides (sometimes over 2 hours) we decided to place him in a local private school where his older sister attends. We notified both schools and the board of end during the summer of 2016. The case manager at the DOE even though she never met my son insisted he should not be in the private school. She insisted he should be in an integrated school. We looked into the schools she recommended but they were not adequate and quite frankly unsafe. Never had I had such a fight to get services. There were weeks in laps of not being able to communicate with her. She made us jump through hoops and meetings. There was always something. All the meanwhile my son struggled with the adjustment from a very active learning environment to a more structured and sedentary learning. Teachers wrote letters trying to prove he would benefit from a SETS provider plus OT and Speech. The letters were then used against us still trying to push for the integrated school. It wasn’t til March of 2017 we were finally able to get an IEP and services didn’t start til April. Wayne took our case in June and one the case just 2 weeks after school started. They will now continue the one on one SETS services during his kindergarten year! He also was able to get a Private Evaluation to be paid for by the DOE!

    Thank you Wayne for helping my little boy get the help he needs to obtain a good educational foundation for his future. As his mother, I will never forget you and what you have done for our family!

    -Bethany Stratton
    Queens, NY

  6. R. Guglielmo says:

    I have been using Wayne Rock for about the last 4 years. It all started when I noticed my son was having difficulties in reading. We were in a parent-teacher meeting to discuss options for the following year. When I asked about reading resources I was told they would be doing the same things they had done the previous year, small group reading. When I explained my concerns I was ignored. That’s when we got Wayne Rock! He looked over my son’s evaluations, testing reports and over all grade average, he even requested additional testing to help evaluate my son’s needs. Wayne Rock was on board. Not only did we get reading resources but he implemented the use of the Wilson Reading Program in my son’s school. A CSE meeting can be very overwhelming especially when you don’t understand the ” educational lingo”, and the schools know this. With an advocate like Wayne Rock, who knows the language and the laws, the school districts don’t mess around. If you are looking to make sense of a CSE meeting and get the help you know your child needs you definitely need Wayne Rock!!! My son is now reading on grade point level and has made Honor Roll 3x looking forward to 4!

    R. Guglielmo.
    May 2017

    • Kenya Barlow-Pannell says:

      Wayne Rock is a blessing in disguise. It has been an emotional roller coaster with two children needing services. Going into CSE meetings and fighting for your children in my experience is like fighting a war and Wayne Rock when that battle is over you leave out feeling a relief that that battle is over because Wayne rock is the god of advocates fighting for children needs. I have been using him for about 3 years and words cannot express how I feel about how he has helped my children as if they were his own. If you need someone advocating for your children and fighting for their education, Wayne Rock is your advocate. Thank you Wayne for advocating for my kids.