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Variety Child Learning Center

Special Education Services Special education and inclusionary programs and services are available at VCLC, at community child-care and preschool sites and/or at home. Licensed professionals provide evaluations, early intervention, special education services and therapies at no cost to families. A full range of support services are offered to families. Evaluation Center   VCLC provides multi-disciplinary […]

sensory gym

Gym & Creative Exploration for Pre-School Children with Disabilities at Samuel Field Y in Queens.

Gym & Creative Exploration at the Samuel Field Y.  58-02 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY   11362, 718-423-6111 x 242.  Mondays and Wednesday from 3:00-4:30pm from October 14 – June 2016.  Afterschool program for Pre-school Children with Developmental Disabilities and Autism.  Professionally facilitated play experiences and learning activities in a personalized setting.  Supportive assistance for […]


Clinton plan for autism

Clinton and autism By Sarah Karlin 1/5/2016 Hillary Clinton issued a wide-reaching proposal Tuesday to address autism that increases opportunities for research, treatment, insurance coverage, education and employment for those affected by the disorder. Clinton’s plan would push states to require insurers to cover autism services and would boost enforcement of laws requiring equal coverage of […]


5 preschool activities

During preschool, kids experience structured time together that is both fun and educational.  They learn how to bond with their peers, follow directions and stick to a schedule; all skills that prepare them for school.  For children with special needs, there are certain pre-school activities that work particularly well to keep them engaged, focused and […]

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Autistic Muppet

This is a NYT’s article posted October 27th 2015. Jennie Baird Last week’s news that Sesame Street was introducing the first autistic Muppet was met in my house with a resounding, “Huh?” “But there already is an autistic Muppet,” my high-functioning 14-year-old said. “Fozzie Bear.” I had never thought of Fozzie that way, but my […]

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How is Autism Treated?

Each child or adult with autism is unique and, so, each autism intervention plan should be tailored to address specific needs. Intervention can involve behavioral treatments, medicines or both. Many persons with autism have additional medical conditions such as sleep disturbance, seizures and gastrointestinal (GI) distress. Addressing these conditions can improve attention, learning and related […]