Speech & Language Services

Speech & Language is so important to develop receptive and expressive language skills. District’s are cutting back on Speech & Language services to save money. Without Speech & Language Services, my son wouldn’t be able to keep up in the classroom.

by Wayne Rock

I'm a special Education and will advocate in all school districts in New York State. Attending all IEP Meetings and File Due Process Complaints when necessary. Focus on ABA, Speech & Language, reading, math, assistive technology, FBA/BIP and social skills.

3 thoughts on “Speech & Language Services

  1. Thankful Parents says:

    Wayne just helped us get the MAXIMUM number of speech services for our child that should never have been taken away. He helped us get an individualized Lindamood-Bell reading program every day. All this within 3 months. He was persistent as well as professional. We have seen our child slowly regress with his reading and have tried what the school ‘offered’ with little success. We got to a point where we were tired of the run around and felt we were not going to get anywhere with them anymore. We called Wayne to help us and he was able to help us get additional sevices and additional evaluations. We just wish we called him years ago and didn’t waste all these years for our child. Thanks again Wayne!

  2. Lisandra says:

    Hello : I guess I will start my story from the beginning.. The birth of my baby girl went fine and the hospital told me that she was healthy and that she passed all her tests and she could go home. I was so happy because as a mother you worry and that’s what you hope for a healthy child. As time went on I started to notice that my baby Jess was just not reaching those milestones at certain months as most kids do but my family and doctor told me not to worry she is just going to be a late bloomer. As time went on she just wasn’t talking, hardly saying anything and she was turning 2 years old. I knew something was wrong and so did her father. We then started on the road of early intervention. We got stuck with a horrible service coordinator and knew our child was not getting the services that she needed. So as parents we started researching and asking questions and attended every meeting and made sure she didn’t fall through the cracks. I think we did ok when it came to early intervention but then she was going to turn 3 and she was going to be going to CPSE through the Board of Ed and then I knew that we needed help. I knew that the NYC Board of Ed was going to probably give her as little services as possible because of the budget cuts. We then got referred to Wayne by a friend and it was the best decision we every made. He was able to get extra speech services for my daughter within a few weeks without me having to step into another stressful and intimidating meeting. He answered all of our emails/calls quickly and he showed us that he knew what he was doing. We felt like we could trust him and as a parent in trusting someone with your child’s future is hard. He’s definitely going to be by my side at my daughter’s annual review coming up in the spring. If you are looking for help call Wayne he will help you. Thanks Wayne.…

  3. Proud Mom says:

    Hello Parents!I know many of you are probably coming to Wayne’s site for the first time, awesome website, right?  I have to say the boy dressed up as superman and the rainbow was the first image that really caught my eye!  But as I learned more about Mr. Wayne Rock as a Special Needs Advocate, I knew in my heart he was the real deal.  Desperate to speak with someone about my child’s upcoming CSE meeting, I put one call into Wayne.  Within 24 hrs. he responded like superman himself.  It was so calming to be able to speak with him about my child and my concerns for him.  Wayne listened, asked a lot of questions and by the end of the conversation, I knew I had to have him on our child’s side.  Going into a CSE meeting can be overwhelming, there’s a lot of members of the team in attendance and so much information is covered.  We are not the professionals and we rely on the school district for their guidance.  Where we live, we are very fortunate to have a great school district and special ed program. Everyone that works and provides support for our child has his best interest in their hearts. Although we know our child is in great hands, it is still critical to find someone that you can talk to, someone not related to the district and I found this in Wayne.  He is dedicated, passionate and really knows the system.  Our advocacy friendship did not just end when the meeting was over.  Wayne is a wealth of knowledge and has provided numerous contacts/website links to start exploring for our child.  He was great at our meeting, he asked many questions and listens very attentively.  He is extremely professional and he clearly knows how a CSE meeting is conducted.  It was amazing to me how quickly he was able to review our child’s IEP and have an extreme handle on all the information.  Wayne encouraged the school district to implement more services and try a new device for our child. Wayne stressed that it’s not certain if it will help our child.  However, it’s great to know by Wayne encouraging the usage of this new device, it may potentially help our child in the classroom.  Our school district was great in working thru this meeting with having Wayne as our child’s advocate.  They provided feedback to him about our child and they were very open to his suggestions.  Also it’s important to share that he was able to ask for additional testing for our child, which the school supported as well.  It was amazing to see everyone work together as a team.  I want to thank Wayne for all his support this week and I encourage parents to contact Mr. Rock with your questions.  He will bring you a sense of peace going into your CSE meeting and I know he will be there for our kids whenever we need him.  What else can you ask for in an advocate? Thanks again to Wayne for his passionate support and for participating in our child’s successful CSE meeting! 

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