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  1. R. Guglielmo says:

    I have been using Wayne Rock for about the last 4 years. It all started when I noticed my son was having difficulties in reading. We were in a parent-teacher meeting to discuss options for the following year. When I asked about reading resources I was told they would be doing the same things they had done the previous year, small group reading. When I explained my concerns I was ignored. That’s when we got Wayne Rock! He looked over my son’s evaluations, testing reports and over all grade average, he even requested additional testing to help evaluate my son’s needs. Wayne Rock was on board. Not only did we get reading resources but he implemented the use of the Wilson Reading Program in my son’s school. A CSE meeting can be very overwhelming especially when you don’t understand the ” educational lingo”, and the schools know this. With an advocate like Wayne Rock, who knows the language and the laws, the school districts don’t mess around. If you are looking to make sense of a CSE meeting and get the help you know your child needs you definitely need Wayne Rock!!! My son is now reading on grade point level and has made Honor Roll 3x looking forward to 4!

    R. Guglielmo.
    May 2017

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