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You want an advocate who not only understands your concerns, but Special Ed law. Having an advocate at your CPSE/CSE meeting will quickly calm your anxiety. All it takes is a simple phone call to help your son or daughter receive the appropriate placement, IEP goals, and related services. Is your school district giving your child the least amount of services or no services at all? How many times have you heard the same story that your child is doing fine in school don’t worry. I make sure that your school district is giving your child all the related services. I will fight for your child’s rights and strive to maintain the best possible relationship with your District at the CSE while strongly advocating for your child’s needs. I’m available to answer any questions regarding your child’s education, to review your child’s school records, discuss classifications, programs and related services.

by Wayne Rock

I'm a special Education and will advocate in all school districts in New York State. Attending all IEP Meetings and File Due Process Complaints when necessary. Focus on ABA, Speech & Language, reading, math, assistive technology, FBA/BIP and social skills.

27 thoughts on “Special Education Advocate

  1. Terri says:

    Wayne Rock is an awesome special education advocate! After 3 years of fighting with my school district to get my son evaluated, with Wayne’s help, I finally got the needed evaluations approved. I was able to get a neuropsychological evaluation and an assistive technology assessment for my son after waiting over 3 years. This would not have been possible without Wayne as my son’s advocate! Thank you Wayne!

  2. Joy C. says:

    I am the mother of a twice-exceptional boy. My son was diagnosed PDD at age of 2. We had ST, OT, PT & ABA through early intervention. He made so much progress that DOE did not offer any more services when he started Kindergarten. We removed him to different private schools hoping to get more individual attention, but none of the schools had the willingness and resources to help him. He has extremely high IQ, but his pragmatic and social skills are very poor, often teased by his peers and misunderstood by the teachers. This year we enrolled him back to public school in 3rd grade G&T class because he scored 99 percentile in G&T test. We were very worried that the school will kick him out from the G&T class as soon as the teachers find out about his issues. I have been extraordinarily blessed to come across Wayne finally. He is not only knowledgeable, he also provides an extremely thoughtful and no-nonsense approach to help me fight for my son’s rights. He came with me to meet with the school principal, the teacher and the support team, and he also attended IEP meeting. He makes sure my son stays in the current program and gets additional services to address his special needs. I know it is a lifelong process to advocate for my son, and with Wayne by my side, I don’t feel alone any more! Thank you, Wayne!

  3. Wendy Johnson says:

    Wow!where do I begin when talking about the AMAZING Wayne Rock!Well he certainly lives up to his name,he “ROCKS”! I Was a desperate mom trying to find someone to help me get the right services for my daughter Mingh,who has APD.I felt I have always left school CSE meetings unsatisfied,unheard,ignored and frustrated because I had no idea what services she needed or was entitled to let a alone how to get them.Then I found Wayne Rock Advocate extraordinaire,he was straight to the point and very knowledgeable about our daughters needs,Wayne attended a hearing with my husband and I and his presence in the room was unreal,he was affective in getting things in order and getting the ball rolling in the right direction,I had never been in such a stress free meeting,we prayed for help and GOD sent us WAYNE ROCK,we can never thank you enough!!!

  4. Dale Tyminski says:

    Just had a meeting with SpEd administrators to get the services my son needs to succeed in school. I brought Wayne Rock, Advocate Extraordinaire, with me. Instead of nothing being done, the District was extremely cooperative. For the first time in years, I’m cautiously optimistic that my son will get the education he deserves. Wayne Rocks!

  5. Florence says:

    I used Wayne to help my son get what he needs in an ICT class. He is a very dedicated professional. He knows what he is taking about. I highly recommend using him.

  6. Jenny l says:

    Hi,Wayne.this comment was long due.i want to thank you for dedicating your life to help people like me and my daughter.i love your fighting spirit and compassion.please keep on fighting.

    Mother of melany,
    Jenny l

  7. Sharon says:

    I used Wayne a couple of years ago for my daughter and stupidly didn’t the past two years and boy, what a mistake. I had Wayne come with me again last month to her CSE meeting and realized how much I still don’t know and things I missed that I shouldn’t have. But he came to my rescue once again and is fightjng to get her what she needs. He’s like Rocky Balboa. He won’t stop until he gets your child what he or she deserves. If you need an advocate who cares and will fight and support your child, he is your man! I can’t say enough awesome things about him. Thank you Wayne for all you do. God bless you for helping our children.

  8. Iris Gomez says:

    What can I say….after having encountered Wayne a couple of years ago, I can not imagine going into any kind of meeting with the Board of Education without him. Wayne is the best at what he does!! You can tell when someone is doing their job out of passion, dedication and because they believe in what they do and take pride in it.- I have become a nervous wreck when it comes to dealing with the system and these suits that govern it. Anytime a meeting comes up, I sing “Who you gonna call….Wayne Rock!!” At our last meeting this month, I told him: You deal with it, I will sit there (I trust him) and watch!! He got my daughter the following: 1.-a Central Auditory Processing re-evaluation 2.-Speech Evaluations 3.-MORE Speech 4.- Assistive Technology Evaluation 4.- 3 hours a week of home instruction for reading and math…and that was all him patched into the meeting via his telephone (he does not have to be there in person.)For those who meet him – at first, he may come off as high strung, sit back and relax, trust in him do what you are paying him to do!! Wayne is pleasant, knowledgeable in what he does, which is speech and educational law and there is not that amount of money in this world that can ever compensate what he has done for my daughter and will do for your child. She deserves the best and he is MAKING SURE she is getting the BEST!!! You ROCK, Wayne Rock – Thank youuuuuu

  9. Maritza Sanchez says:

    First time ever, our son got into trouble at school which lead to a manifestation hearing. I contacted Wayne Rock to help us advocate for our son. We as parents were worried and did not know what to do.

    Come to find out,from Wayne, our son it’s not classified correctly. He was just classified as learning disabled, when he has emotional issues as well. Wayne Rock makes it his business for your child to receive the services he/she needs at the school districts expense.

    Most times the school district gets upset when the parent brings an advocate because they want to do what benefits management and not the student. Wayne is caring, understanding and will take his time to explain to you what services your child is entitled for and needs.

    So if you need a student advocate who will fight for your child to receive the proper services and education; Wayne rock is the Man. Thanks Wayne, we would not know what to do without you.

  10. Kelly Platt says:


    Thank you for your guidance and expertise on assisting me through my son’s CSE meeting on October 17th, 2012.

    For too long, I have seen my district neglect my son since the first grade to get him the services he needed. He is now in 9th grade and finally, with your help, He will be placed into classes to help him.

    It’s a shame it took the district all this time to recognize what myself and his teachers have seen and tried to get him the help and assistance he needed.

    Now he will have the ability to achieve greatness in a different class setting.

    Once Again, Thank you, Thank you, Thank You WAYNE !!

  11. Nick says:

    My son, who is on the autistic spectrum, transitioned in Summer 2012 from CPSE to CSE. On my own initiative, but with some good counsel, I was fortunate enough to get placement for my son in an approved private school with a 1:1 para. But I was greatly concerned he was going to loose the 7.5 hours of ABA and two additional 30 min speech sessions he received weekly. Both lawyers and educational professionals told me it was next to impossible to get these services (particularly the ABA) through CSE.

    By good fortune, an outstanding speech pathologist, who knew my son needed the services, gave me Wayne’s card, and told me he had enormous success helping clients of hers in need. I called Wayne.

    Wayne met with my family and I, filed a due process complaint in late August (days after my phone call), and although the District met with us and wanted to give us nothing whatsoever, Wayne succeeded in getting ALL of my son’s services upheld in pendency, effective retroactively to the beginning of the school year. This was beyond my wildest expectations and frankly, was a Godsend for my son. With so many professional opinions telling me to prepare to be disappointed, Wayne had sweeping success where I was told to expect little or nothing from others.

    Because Wayne is an advocate working for a tiny fraction of what a lawyer would charge, but with as much or more legal and strategic understanding as the best of them, he is actually far more effective than a lawyer. As an advocate he can attend any and every meeting necessary with ease… But, perhaps most importantly of all, where the DOE will “win” other cases by dragging them on and on, forcing parents to continue to pay thousands and thousands in legal fees to a lawyer until their funds are depleted and they give up, Wayne simply fights on for only the most reasonable fee until he wins. And he is not only genuinely passionate about pushing ahead until he succeeds, the efficiency with which he does so is exceptional.

    If your child has special needs and requires help that the Department of Education is not appropriately providing, contact Wayne Rock. The value of the services and/or placement he will be able to get your child will far outweigh the nominal fee it may cost, and not only your son or daughter, but your whole family will profit from your child being helped along to reach the maximum potential that he or she can.

    And because of Wayne’s personal experience and long track record of helping children with special needs, he is an invaluable source of vital information which will help you not only secure the best path forward for your child, but assist with providing vital insights and references that are a source of invaluable counsel as you determine the best plan of action in the short, middle and long term for the support and education of your child.

    Thank you Wayne

    • Maureen R. says:

      A friend of mine knew the struggles my family was having with our daughter and our son. She had referred a number of parents to Wayne and found he was the best in knowledge and support as well as effectiveness in gaining children and their family the right level of support from our school system. Given her guidance I chanced a call out to Wayne this weekend and he made himself available to hear our challenge and attend my daughter’s CSE today. I was taken aback by his level of caring, concern and knowledge of resources available to support our kids who were both adopted from Russia. On Sunday, I walked away from our call having a peacefilled feeling that Wayne was the right resource for our family. After our CSE meeting for my daughter today, I am convinced he was the right resource.

      Walking into our CSE I had been given the impression that my daughter may not meet the criteria for being classified for a CSE designation. Through his timely comments and focused approach, we were able to have my daughter classified for CSE before the end of the CSE meeting and are on the path to gaining the right level of support for my daughter.

      But his care and concern did not end there. He knows of my challenges in addressing my son’s support needs and will be helping our family to address his needs as well in our up and coming CSE.

      I feel blessed to have been introduced to Wayne. I do believe his commitment, knowledge, strong connections and advice will assist my husband and I to help our kids have a strong foundation for success during these challenging years and in the future.


    WE ARE SO UNBELIEVABLY LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND THIS AMAZING MAN.Where do I even begin ,its been an ongoing struggle to try an navigate the school system,Wayne has helped my two sons get services that I did not even know existed.My sons are on their way to a brighter future thanks to Wayne,I tear up realizing how lucky we are to have found him…….THANK YOU MR.ROCK!!!

  13. Tracey Lutz says:

    My grandson was classified as a preschooler with a disability and attended Just Kids for two years prior to entering kindergarten where he was declassified. Even though we strongly advocated for continued supportive services, the school district declined, stating that he would be just fine and we could re-evaluate after the first report card. Needless to say, we received the run-around and my grandson spent a year in kindergarten without learning anything including his sight words! After receiving an internal report in error, it so incensed me I decided to take real action and hired Wayne Rock to advocate for my grandson. Thank God we did this! Anyone attempting to ‘fight city hall’ alone is doomed to failure and frustration while their child is robbed of the education he or she has a right to. Within a matter of weeks, Wayne got services for my grandson and a meeting with all parties involved including the superintendent of schools! My grandson will now receive all of the services he needs in order to succeed in school and with Wayne at our side, I have no doubt that all will be done by the book. I highly recommend Mr. Rock for all of your advocacy needs. He is not just making a living doing this work. He is passionate and extremely knowledgeable and always accessible. You Rock, Wayne!!

  14. Anne M says:

    Wayne Rock represented my son during his annual CSE meeting. Wayne made sure that my son got the services that he needs for next year and summer services. We had asked for summer services for the past 2 years and got nothing when we went to the CSE alone. Wayne is very professional and looks out for the best interest of the child. Wayne knows how to get the district to do the correct educational testing, so the school has little choice but to give the service. Wayne makes sure that your child develops all the skills that they need to be successful in school and life. I would recommend a consultation with Wayne for any child with needs.

  15. Anne M says:

    Not sure if you should hire Wayne Rock as your advocate? Let me tell you why you should. Schools are cutting down on services, all over Long Island. Wayne is extremely knowledgeable about the laws, educational testing, and getting the district to understand the needs of speech and language delayed children. Honestly, he knows more than the three different speech and language pathologist who has seen my child. He volunteered his time to introduce us to Super Duper publications, Lindamood-Bell, and Explode the Code material. My child is improving everyday because of it. Some grades are already going up. My son just sent Wayne a personalized thank you note for helping him. Thanks Wayne for all you do to make a difference.

  16. Deborah says:

    Obtaining Wayne’s assistance in navigating the school system was the best and smartest decision we have made for our son in his short, yet difficult,school experience! Wayne is a professional and commands the attention and respect of school staff! Glad to have you on our side Wayne!

  17. JOHN says:

    Wayne exhibited not only a complete knowledge of the CSE process but also implemented a thorough and professional handling of our child’s case. Without him we would have received a complete dismissal of the services that our child was entitled to. Anyone dealing with a school district with respect to these types of matters would benefit tremendously from Wayne’s knowledge and services. We found him to be indispensable. Wayne also takes a personal interest in the families and children that he advocates for. Thanks Wayne for a job well done!

  18. Gee says:

    After wasting three years in the public school system trying to determine the proper services my son needed, Wayne stepped in with superior knowledge and instantly got my son exactly what he needed, and then some. We were extremely impressed with his technical knowledge and his suggestions of how technology would help our son with everything from writing to organization. He knows what questions to ask and simply gets the job done. We wish we would’ve found him sooner. Can’t say enough about Wayne. He has truly changed my son’s academic future. Thank you Wayne!

  19. Barb Smith says:

    With Wayne on my families side….We just won 143 SETSS Compensatory Sessions for my son through an Impartial Hearing!

    This is the 2nd Impartial that Wayne has won for my Twins this year. We are winning the fight together against the NYC DOE!

    I could not imagine taking on this battle…without Wayne on our side. Call Him, it could save your childs educational future.

    Thanks A Million Wayne!


  20. Michael Plotkin says:

    I have 3 children who require special services. For years I struggled with getting the educational services of my children met. This was until I found Wayne Rock.

    Wayne is the most empathetic, and knowledgeable person I have encountered in regards to advocating for your children’s rights in the schools. This is especially important now with all of the budget cutbacks.

    When Wayne walks into the CSE meeting with you the attitude of the committee miraculously changes their and your child will receive the services they need in order to receive a proper education.

    Thank you Wayne for all of your help with my children.


  21. Dilsia Johnson says:

    My son started out with a 504 and we moved on to an IEP; I am in the business of helping other people’s children & I failed to help my son until I met Wayne. What a life safer. Wayne is very knowledgable, direct and extremely effective in assessing and obtaining what my child needed. What I appreciated most was his willingness to work alongside me assuring me all the time that my son would get what he needed to succeed. It was not the school or the school district’s intention to do that. The look on their faces when Wayne stepped into the CSE review was priceless and more priceless was watching grown, educated folks tripping all over their words. Thank you Wayne, you are my hero.

  22. Melissa Castillo says:

    Wayne to the Rescue!!! I attended my first IEP meeting by myself and I was so overwhelmed and intimidated by the Board of Ed. I didn’t know what my rights were or what I was allowed to request and deny. At my second IEP I was armed with Wayne. It was such a relief to have the support of someone who knew the system and my childs educational rights. I would never attend another meeting without having my Rock, Wayne Rock!!!

    • ChildAdvocate says:


      Thank you for the post. Most parents don’t realize all the accommodations and related services that they are entitled to. Making sure the IEP is being followed daily is so important.


  23. Mia says:

    Wayne, thank you so much for taking the time to explain the process for getting a new IEP. I find the NY school system very confusing and from just a short phone conversation with you, I was able to take the first steps needed to improve this child’s future.

    • Wayne Rock
      WayneRock says:

      There are not that many Long Island Advocates to help parents. Its confusing and time consuming process. Make sure you document everything.

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