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My question to you is: "Why pay expensive retainer fees?" Parent attorneys demand retainer fees of $5,000 or more at a rate of $400 per hour. This can be beyond hard to afford for most parents. My fees include reviewing all your child's educational documents, preparing for the Committee on Special Education (CSE), then in-turn, attending the CSE meeting and reviewing the updated Individual Education Plan (IEP) for your child. My goal is to get you and your child all the support you are entitled to receive.
Many parent find themselves asking, what is Pendency? Pendency is the student's right to stay in his or her current educational placement throughout the period in which an impartial hearing or mediation is being heard (the due process proceedings) and until all appeals are completed. Pendency can be the provision of services and/or continuation of a placement in a particular classroom. The logic behind pendency is that the student's current level of services should remain unchanged until the final determination of an appropriate alternative is made by agreement of the parties or an order by an impartial hearing officer. Pendency is priceless. Pendency is really helpful when transitioning from CPSE to CSE especially for placement, ABA, and Speech & Language.
You want an advocate who not only understands your concerns, but also knows Special Ed law. Having an advocate at your CPSE/CSE meeting will quickly calm your anxiety. All it takes is a simple phone call to help your son or daughter receive the appropriate placement, IEP goals, and related services. Is your school district giving your child services that are less than what they appropriately deserve, or worse, no services at all? How many times have you been told the same story: "Your child is doing fine in school. Don’t worry". I make sure that your school district is giving your child all the related services. I will fight for your child’s rights and strive to maintain the best possible relationship with your District at the CSE while strongly advocating for your child’s needs. I’m available to answer any questions regarding your child’s education, to review your child’s school records, and to discuss classifications, programs, and related services.

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