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SEIT services will be ending for all students entering Kindergarten next year.  If you want SEIT services at home please consult me or an attorney.   When you have your turning 5 or transfer from CPSE to CSE they will take your SEIT away.  I’m able to file a pendency motion to keep SEIT for the following year.  Pendency means “stay put”.  Once we have pendency your school district will settle the case and your child will still be receiving the service.

It’s close to impossible to receive home services for Kindergarten unless your child is receiving it in pre-school.  When the District takes your SEIT/ABA away, I will bring it back through pendency.  Please call me if you have any questions.  SEIT and Pendency is confusing when your child is starting Kindergarten next year.

SEIT/ABA will build skills for language and communication.  Most students receive 5 to 10 hours of SEIT at home.   Home based services should continue until the student is 21 years of age.  If you are not receiving SEIT yet please call me.   631-276-3027.

Wayne Rock

by Wayne Rock

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