Turning 5: Transition from Preschool Special Ed. to Kindergarten

turning 5

turning 5All services end June 2015 for students entering Kindergarten.  When you have the transfer from CPSE to CSE the district may remove or decrease services such as home based ABA, school based ABA, home based Speech, school based speech.  Please email or call me if they reduce or remove any services which you want to continue.  Remember the County stops paying and the District covers all the expenses.

The Kindergarten Application Process is complicated and you may not want supports and services removed for next year.  and supports and services for preschool students with disabilities.  Please email/call if you need any advice during the difficult process.

When will my child enter kindergarten?

      All children born in 2010 are eligible for kindergarten in September 2015.  If your child was born in 2010 and your child is eligible for special education services, the District will offer kindergarten special education services beginning in September 2015.  Your child will no longer be eligible to receive services through the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE).  CPSE services will end in June (if your child receives services for 10 months) or August (if your child receives services for 12 months).

Who is eligible for school-aged special education services?  During preschool, eligibility for special education services is based on a child’s delay in one of the areas of functioning (cognitive, language and communicative, adaptive, socioemotional, or motor development), and every preschooler receiving special education services is classified as a “preschool student with a disability.”  For a schoolaged child to receive special education services, the IEP team must find the child eligible for one of the thirteen classifications of disability listed in the law.  To be classified, the child’s disability must affect his/her school performance.  A classification for special education is not a medical diagnosis.

You may disagree with the District.    You may ask the District to pay for an independent evaluation or you may choose to pay for a private evaluation.   A. Independent evaluations  The law states that a parent can ask the District to pay for an independent evaluation if the parent disagrees with the evaluation done by the District.  You should make your request for an independent evaluation in writing to the District representative in charge of your child’s transition to kindergarten and the district CSE chairperson.  We recommend that you send the request using a method where you have proof of the date the CSE and school received it.   Once you request an independent evaluation, the District has two choices.  The District can agree to pay for the independent evaluation or the District can disagree and request an impartial hearing to prove that the District evaluations were appropriate.  If the District agrees to pay for the independent evaluation, it will give you an “assessment authorization” form, which allows you to find an evaluator at an approved amount of money set by the District.  You must share the results of the evaluation with the District.  If the District fails to respond within a reasonable period of time, you may request mediation or an impartial hearing or make a complaint to ask the District to pay for the evaluation.

Important:  We may need to file a pendency motion to continue services if the District removes or reduces Related Services.  Pendency is discussed in another blog on this site.  Pendency is complicated but it generally means program and services remain.



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